Body to body Tantra

body to body massage Bratislava

Massage body to body known also as NURU or Body Touch Massage

Everything is beautiful, relaxing and enjoyable. The one who wants to experience something highly erotic and incredibly exciting, clearly must try Tantra Body to body Massage or NURU- Body touch Massage Absolutely the strongest, the most frequented and favourite massage. During the massage I do not use just my hands but also my forearms and my whole naked body. This massage is a very powerful experience for a man...My naked oiled and hot body is fluently riding on yours and causes incredible excitement. Gentle sliding of my buttocks and pussy on you raises sexual feelings in you. I perform Body to body Tantra not just from the back, but also after turning, where I start with the Penis Massage with breasts. Everything has its time till I bring you to full sexual tension. You will feel a huge increase of energy in your body which is passed to the perfect condition and complete harmony. The effect of massage persists a long time. We are looking forward to you, you can find me in our capital city Bratislava, you only need to call :)


  • 50 min / 100€
  • 80 min / 150€
  • 110 min / 200€
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