Opening hours:
08:00 - 22:00 Hod.

0948 256 687

Frequently asked questions

How is going to booking via phone call?

The phone orders are accepted by my clever and dear assistant, because my priority is to do a full-time massage and I cannot make orders In that time. My assistant advises you about the possibilities of massage, always trying to find a suitable date for you.

Are sexual services available?

We do not provide sexual services. Tantric massages are about touch and softness and their essence is in your full hand in the hands of the masseuse.

Is it possible to touch the masseuse all over her body?

Yes, It is possible.

Is there a reception in the building?

There is no reception. Just ring the bell, get to the elevator and go to the second floor.

When is not possible to have a tantra massage?

It is not permissible to come under the influence of alcohol or any other substance of drogs. Or if you suffer from any skin diseases. Thank you for the understanding.

When are the gifts given to the masseuse?

Your donations will be accepted at the beginning of the massage.