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08:00 - 22:00 Hod.

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Process of Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage course

1. Arrival

Privacy and confidentiality are for us primary. We guarantee you, that you won’t meet any other person than your masseuse. After you take off your shoes or coat, the masseuse will welcome you in civilian clothes and explain to you what is waiting for you during the massage, of course there will be space for you and your questions.   You can gladly share your wishes and needs with the masseuse.

2. Preparing for the Tantra ritual

The masseuse shows you the place where you can put your stuff and then follows a short shower. As soon as you return to the room, there will be waiting for you completely naked masseuse and you are introduced into the ritual..

3. Ritual

The ritual is performed in a standing position, you don’t have to do anything, you will just devote yourself to your masseuse. Each massage starts with this tantric ritual with which we honor your body. The first stress is slowly fading away, you’re starting to perceive the surroundings, music and beautiful masseuse, which is pampering and indulging you with her soft touch. Ritual is an essential part of Tantra Massage and you will slowly realize, that you are on the right place..

4. Massage

You will feel massage with several techniques, gentle pampering with the tips of the fingers, massage with palms, forearm and then with the whole naked body, buttocks and pussy, the masseuse will be gently sliding on you. During the massage the masseuse is naked, she changes several techniques and positions, there will be also the “69”.  During the massage your masseuse does not use items such as feathers, gloves, fans for hygienic reasons. Masseuse uses only what men love - hands and body.

5. The final part of the intimate

Masseuse uses all the techniques such as massage with breasts, body, face, gradual arousing with hand till your ... orgasm, if you wish..

6. Relaxation

Final relaxation you will enjoy on the futon and you let your experience to subside. Masseuse sits by you and gently caresses you. Then the masseuse leaves for your better relaxing.

You can take a shower, last talk with masseuse and then you go home full of experience, positive vibration and smile on your face.

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